A ninja once said, “Once you Become Fearless, Life Becomes Limitless!” Let’s Be a Ninja and have powerpacked everyday! Ceranic mug with zarf that covers the mug, a c-Once a Ninja, Always a Ninja!

-Now make stealth and strength a part of your day with our Ninja Mug and kick some ass

-Crafted with the sole purpose of inspiring you to reach your goals and take some lessons from the Ninja! A Guaranteed conversation starter,impressing others just by the Ninja look in its eyes

-The mug comes with a black heat resistant sleeve that imitates a mask and helps you hold it when hot; only showing the white beaming byes through the cutout

-Additionally, a katana shaped stirring spoon and a shuriken coaster makes it a complete set for enjoying your favorite beverage.These complement the overall design of the mug nicely, while sticking to its comic appearance

-The ceramic mug itself helps keep the beverage hot and the zarf prevents burns while holding it. So, start your day with a boost of Ninja inspiration by infiltrating your tiresome daily routine

-The mug can be an ideal gift for kids, friends and family, giving them something exclusive to enjoy their favorite beverages

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